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Shoebox Money is an exciting new neo-blues band out of Lawrence, Kansas. Drawing equally from classic rock and blues as well as post garage rock revival and alt punk, these indie rockers produce theory driven music and put on high energy live shows.

Wildman CEO, Miles Bassett, caught one of their shows and enjoyed it so much he had to meet the band. It turns out they were, at that moment, looking to get a new website for their band and a partnership began. We designed and developed a brand new site for them thats big enough for the new band to grow into. It features a music player, discography, live video upload, social media feeds, and a full online store for selling their new band merchandise (printed and fullfilled by Wildman) and, later, their music. Vist their website to find out when and where they're playing next. We highly recomend going to see Shoebox Money live!

Web Development
Web Design
Merchandise Printing/Fulfillment

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