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Since 2007, the Lawrence, KS-based outfit known as SUNU has been consistently delivering what has been described as “A wall of drums, horns, and funk”. Employing West-African percussion such as djembe and dunun combined with a trio of powerhouse horns and a driving rhythm section allows them to mix elements of Afrobeat, funk, jazz, and R&B. This potent stew of pure soul keeps them regarded as one of the most in-demand acts in the Lawrence and Kansas City areas.

SUNU has come to Wildman for a full website redesign. The new SUNU site incorperates a modern mobile friendly design, video and image galleries, music playback services, upcoming events, and more. Coming soon, this site will include the WildmanStore eCommerce solution where you can buy SUNU tshirts, koozies, CDs, digital downloads, stickers, and any other swag the band wants to offer.

Working with this group has been so much fun and we are so excited to continue our partnership with SUNU.

Web Development
Web Design
Merchandise Printing/Fulfillment

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